However you have arrived here, whether as a casual browser or a long time supporter, we want you to know that FourGiven Quartet Ministries exists because of you. In proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, we are endeavoring to serve His church as a whole, and you as an individual. FourGiven had its origins in the early 1990’s as a somewhat sporadic church quartet, singing on rare occasions for our own church family and repeating a few favorite songs over and over. Nevertheless, our friends and family spurred us on with their enthusiastic support, and finally, on a November evening in 2009, we sensed the opportunity to begin singing beyond our own four walls. And we’ve been excited ever since to watch the Lord unfold His ministry. Although a few of the faces have changed over the years, it has always been our desire to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and to invite as many as are willing to join us in worshiping Him. If at the same time we can encourage you along in your journey as we share the joy of music, then we are truly accomplishing what we have set out to do! Thank-you for visiting our website.

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